I paint from my studio in Celbridge, Co. Kildare using bold blocks of vibrant colour and thick black lines to help accentuate shape and form. Having recently launched the ‘Snapshot’ series with ‘Snapshots of Dublin’ (launched at Art Source RDS 2019), I spend much of my time photographing and sketching the known and lesser-known sights of the city in order to capture new panels for the ‘snapshot’ series.

The Snapshots series attempts to look at our built environment through a new lens and depict the familiar places around us in the way we actually view these places from day-to-day. This can almost be described as an instagram-style approach to viewing the city where we capture the world around us through a series of ‘snapshots’.

To achieve the poster-style effect of these paintings I use highly pigmented fluid acrylic paint and strong lines and colours. This series lends itself well to commissions whereby clients choose various sights around their city or local environment which are significant to them. This can often result in a final piece which incorporates ‘snapshots’ from different cities and even countries.

I am largely self-taught but have fine-tuned the technical side of my painting through courses in NCAD (National College of Art and Design, Dublin) over the last number of years.