I have been taking commissions for many years and each one is different so feel free to ask if I have not covered your questions below!

I take commissions from all over the world so if you wish to enquire about shipping costs, please contact me here.

STEP 1 – specify requirements, provide photos if required

STEP 2 – Painting size and pricing

As a guide the 30cm x 30cm Snapshots painting on canvas costs €220 unframed.

The price increases with the size of the canvas and the number of panels painting up to the 100cm x 100cm Snapshots which is a 49-panel painting and costs €1750.

Special commissions are taken for larger or unusual sizes so please contact me to discuss.

lisa keegan snapshots

The painting size can be determined by the subject, the space available or the budget or a combination of all three.

STEP 3 – mock-up

The next phase of the process is the mock-up. This is the point where I send you through initial sketches of the layout of the painting and confirm the price and size

STEP 4 – painting

STEP 5 – Framing

I can arrange to have your painting framed if you so wish. This is at an extra cost and will increase shipping cost if the piece is being shipped outside of Ireland. I can quote you on these costs if required.

STEP 6 – Payment

Payment can be made by Revolut, PayPal, bank transfer or cash.

STEP 7 – Delivery

Delivery within the island of Ireland is included but there will be a delivery cost outside of Ireland. Please contact me for a quote on this.

To commission a ‘Snapshots’ print you can:

  1. select panels from existing prints
  2. commission me to paint new panels or
  3. a combination of the above (such as 3 existing panels and 3 commissioned ones (your house, a holiday destination, particular bar etc.)

Option 1 is the same price as existing snapshots in my online shop (e.g. A3 size would cost €55)

Options 2 and 3 are the standard print cost (e.g. €55 plus €50 for each commissioned panel).