How to commission a ‘Snapshots of …’ painting

The ‘Snapshots of …’ has been a very popular series for commissions. This is because it allows people to completely personalise and artwork whether it be for themselves or a gift to a special someone or couple.

The cost of the commissioned pieces are the exact same as the existing ‘Snapshots’ paintings but with the added benefit of choosing the particular images, streets and places that are significant to you or the recipient of the painting.

The time the painting will take to complete is anything from 2 weeks upwards (depending on how busy I am with other pieces and how quickly we can decide on the ‘snapshots’ to form the painting)

The steps in commissioning a painting are as follows:

1. Contact me by email on with ‘commission request’ in the subject title

2. In the initial email you can provide me with an idea of the size (30cm x 30cm are €220 and the larger 60cm x 90cm are €750 with other sizes and prices in between

3. If possible provide some rough details about the required content (buildings, area) and if there are any frames in the existing snapshots you already like (on the homepage you can filter by keyword such as ‘GPO’ or ‘Ringsend’ to get ideas

4. Once we confirm a size and subject I will send sketches such as that below before beginning to paint – and that’s it! You are on your way to getting your customised ‘Snapshots of …’ painting!

An example of an initial sketch for approval:

commission a snapshots of painting

Final painting: